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Very few of us walked a bee line into our present work. We just fell in love with it and by and by the doors opened...
[a Smithsonian Anthropologist]

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Centers of Activities

Centers Leader Members
Outreach Michael Mullin  
  Workshops   Michael Mullin, Jane Hetrick, Garry Duncan, Jim Hauf, Keren Moses, Kathy Greene
Publicity Jeni Weidenbenner Xueqing Jiang
Collaborations & Partnerships Michael Mullin Jim Hauf, Garry Duncan, Jane Hetrick, Kathy Greene, Dave Curtis
Research Karen Lunsford Kathy Greene, Dave Curtis, Garry Duncan, Jim Hauf
  On-line journal Dave Curtis Garry Duncan, Jane Hetrick, Steven Poulakos, Sharon Tettegah
Collaborative Bibliographies Xueqing Jiang Steven Poulakos
Users Ann Bishop Jeanne Link, Bharat Mehra, Jeni Weidenbenner, Megan Sapp
Technical Mihye Won Steven Poulakos, Jeanne Link, Bryan Heidorn, Dan Kauwell
Assessment/Evaluation Juna Snow Keren Moses, Sharon Comstock
Meeting Facilitator Jeanne Link  
Other contributors Heather Booth, John Barclay, Alexis Benson, Lisa Bievenue, David Brown, Dave Dash, Deborah Dillon, Sam Donovan, Heather Dowd, Kathie Gossett, Dean Grosshandler,  Cece Merkel, Matt Mooney, Trudy Morritz, Michael Novak, George Reese, Jenny Robins, Hal Taylor, Umesh Thakkar, Brenda Trofanenko, John Thorpe, Mike Twidale, Jo Williamson, Edee Wiziecki

If you want to join in the activities of Inquiry center, please contact each center leader and subscribe the group emailing list using the Member Profile options.

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