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How one person's abilities compare in quantity with those of another is none of the teacher's business. It is irrelevant to his work.[...]
[John Dewey]

VisIT for Inquiry Unit search

VisIT is a graphical interface to search engines and databases developed at the University of Illinois. You can download VisIT for free but, when you first use it you will be required to register (also free). Instructions on how to use VisIT and more information can be found at the VisIT site.

To search the Inquiry Page with VisIT, click on the "search engines" button on the tool bar and check "Inquiry." In the box to the right of Inquiry, enter the number of hits you want return at at time (e.g., 10). You can also search the Web at the same time by selecting any of the search engines listed. In the near future we will be developing a special Inquiry version that includes saved searches that others have done as part of a Inquiry unit.

This Java application uses Sun Java 1.3 (instruction on how to obtain this are on the VisIT site), and currently this interface will not work on Mac computers.

Click here to download the software and search Inquiry Units using VisIT.

If you have any questions or comments about VisIT, feel free to contact us.

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