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It is ironic that obsession with perfectionism in education will stifle learning through the abhorrence of mistakes,[...]
[Tom Lauer]

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An Inquiry Unit is a way to represent the process of problem solving. Each unit starts with a guiding question and provides a space for activities of Investigation, Creation, Discussion, and Reflection. To create one, click on "Add a Unit" and fill out the form. Your Inquiry Unit can be marked as public or private and can easily be edited or deleted as you wish. You can also spin-off from another unit, creating a copy of it to adapt to your own needs. Inquiry Units can be lesson plans, individual or group investigations, research plans, student work, open questions, or pathfinders to information.

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  Sample Inquiry Units created by teachers and learners in a variety of settings

Most recently updated units

View How can we learn to read critically?
       created by chip bruce    last modified on 06/10/2010    
View What factors of development are associated with bullying behavior?
       created by Delwyn Harnisch    last modified on 04/23/2009    
View Are teachers inquirers into teaching method?
       created by Katie Bridges    last modified on 03/30/2009    
View How can we evaluate the information on a web site?
       created by chip bruce    last modified on 03/14/2009    
View How do you make dirty water clean?
       created by Ann Bishop    last modified on 07/14/2008    
View What Have Scientists Discovered About The Relationship Between Global Temperature and Greenhouse Gases?
       created by Catherine Fraser Riehle    last modified on 06/19/2008    
View What can you learn about wetlands and why they are important?
       created by Catherine Fraser Riehle    last modified on 06/19/2008    
View How does the ozone hole change over time?
       created by Megan Sapp Nelson    last modified on 06/19/2008    
View How do the materials that a solar panel is made of effect efficiency of the panel in creating electricity?
       created by Megan Sapp Nelson    last modified on 06/17/2008    
View Where did all the dinosaurs go?
       created by John Hunt    last modified on 06/08/2008    

We encourage you to share and discuss what you're teaching and learning. Part of the whole inquiry process is sharing your experience with others, asking questions, and getting feedback from your peers. This unit page is one way to create community. For example, see a unit you like or have questions about? Email the creator of the unit. Or wonder how inquiry actually "works" in the classroom? Post a message to the community on the Dialogues page. If you have a problem finding a unit or just need help, email the Inquiry Page. We're here to support you.

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