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The 'silly question' is the first intimation of some totally new development.
[Alfred Lord Whitehead]

Copyright and Privacy Statement

The Inquiry Units, images, text, programs, and other materials found on the Inquiry Page are the property of their creators and are protected by United States copyright law within the limitations of the Fair Use statute. Likewise trademarks found on this site are protected by United States trademark law. The Inquiry Page permits the academic articles linked to this site to be copied verbatim and distributed in any medium, providing this copyright notice is preserved with the copy. Beginning in Fall 2000, Inquiry Page XML DTDs will also be linked and freely available for distribution. Work created by teachers remains always and completely the property of the teacher. The Inquiry Page can not and does not grant permission to use these works without the consent of the copyright holder. The Inquiry Page will mediate for consent by providing a form for this purpose. The copyright consent form can be mailed to:

Inquiry Page - Copyright
501 E Daniel St.
Champaign, IL 61820

The Inquiry Page respects intellectual property rights. If you feel any material on this site violates your rights as a property holder, please notify us by mail at the address above. Provide information on how we may contact you, as well as a description of the violating item and the URL of the page where it appears.


The Inquiry Page makes no claim as to the safety or the effectiveness of the information, products or processes linked to this site. However, feedback from teachers concerning Inquiry Units is welcome and will be made available along with the resources. Feedback can be sent to:

Protecting Teacher's Privacy

Teachers can become members of the Inquiry Page collaboratory by filling in the form. This form is linked at the top of our home page. When teachers become members of the Inquiry Page, information about their professional interests will be collected at this site. Teacher profiles will be password protected. Teachers will be able to view, edit, or delete their own profiles at any time. Deleting a profile means a teacher is no longer a member of the collaboratory. Teachers can designate whether or not they wish to share profile information directly with other teachers. Collaboratory administrators use teacher profiles to find information and resources tailored for individual teachers and, if the teacher so desires, to introduce them to others with similar interests and needs. Only professional information will be collected in the profiles (number of years teaching, subjects taught, name and location of school, etc).

Correspondence between teachers and collaboratory administrators is considered public (similar to "letters to the editor" in newspapers), unless a member specifically requests otherwise. Correspondence will include, but is not limited to, requesting additional information about Inquiry Units that might be used to update units automatically, forwarding positive feedback about units, and notifying members regarding events that might be of interest.

Administrator activities in this collaboratory are the focus of dissertation research. The effectiveness of these activities is under study in order to determine future administrative roles for sites such as this. Psuedonyms for teachers, schools, school districts, etc. will be used in all discussions and reports that result from this research.

Note: Members decide whether their own units are private (for use only by other collaboratory members) or viewable by the public. Members can edit or delete their units at any time.

Protecting Student Privacy

The Inquiry Page recognizes the desirability of displaying student work and student activities. However, protecting the privacy of students is a paramount importance. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) was put in force on March 2000. In conformance to this act and in order to provide maximum protection for all children in the public school system, student work and student activities linked from this site can only be viewed from a K12 domain server. In other words, those wishing to view linked material must do so from within the privacy of a school building. Inquiry Page staff and Inquiry Partners can view materials using an assigned password. Outside researchers can be given a password for access, but only after rigorous screening. For information about obtaining a password mail the password request form to:

Inquiry Page - Privacy
501 E Daniel St.
Champaign, IL 61820
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