How to Insert Images into Your Inquiry Unit (#9)

In this Tutorial you will learn how to:

Step 1

From any Inquiry web page you will be able to see the “Inquiry Units” button in the sidebar on the left-hand side of the screen.

A. Find and click on on this “Inquiry Units” button. You are now at the “Search Inquiry Units” page.

NOTE: You must be logged-in in order to edit your own Inquiry Unit. (See tutorial #2.)

B. Either click on the “Link to my Inquiry Units” link located above the search field, or type your email address into the search field and click on the “Search” button to the right. This will bring you to a list of your Inquiry Units.

C. Click on the underlined "View" button to the left of the unit you want to edit.

D. Click on the "Edit This Unit" button located at the upper middle part of the page.

Step 2

You are now at the point where you can insert images into your Inquiry Unit.

A. You may add small images to your Unit by inserting the appropriate HTML code from the table below. Make sure to place the code where you want the image to appear.
check mark Check mark <img src="/gif/check.gif" alt="check mark" title="check mark">
exclamation point Exclamation point <img src="/gif/exclamation.gif" alt="exclamation point" title="exclamation point">
question mark Question Mark <img src="/gif/question.gif" alt="question mark" title="question mark">
star Computer <img src="/gif/computer.gif" alt="computer" title="computer">
computer Star <img src="/gif/star.gif" alt="star" title="star">
outdoor activity Outdoor Activity <img src="/gif/outdoor.gif" alt="outdoor activity" title="outdoor activity">
hand Hands-on Activity <img src="/gif/hand.gif" alt="hand" title="hand">
right arrow Right Arrow <img src="/gif/arrow1.gif" alt="right arrow" title="right arrow">
left arrow Left Arrow <img src="/gif/arrow2.gif" alt="left arrow" title="left arrow">
up arrow Up Arrow <img src="/gif/arrow3.gif" alt="up arrow" title="up arrow">
down arrow Down Arrow <img src="/gif/arrow4.gif" alt="down arrow" title="down arrow">
speaker Speaker (audio file) <img src="/gif/speaker.gif" alt="speaker" title="speaker">
movie Movie (video file) <img src="/gif/movie.gif" alt="movie" title="movie">
Acrobat Reader pdf Acrobat Reader PDF <img src="/gif/pdf.gif" alt="Acrobat Reader pdf" title="Acrobat Reader pdf">
Power Point slide Power Point Slide <img src="/gif/powerpoint.gif" alt="Power Point slide" title="Power Point slide">

B. To link to an image, such as the Cycle of Inquiry, that is already stored on a web server:

C. To link to an image that is not already stored on a web server, the image must first be uploaded onto a web server. You can use the Inquiry Page server by means of the "upload" feature at the bottom of the Inquiry Unit form. These files can be images, text, audio, or video.

D. Once you have made the desired changes, click on the "Submit" button and your updated unit will be posted immediately.