How to Create a Spin-off Inquiry Unit (#12)

In this Tutorial you will learn how to:

Step 1

From any Inquiry web page you will be able to see the “Inquiry Units” button in the sidebar on the left-hand side of the screen.

Find and click on on this “Inquiry Units” button. You are now at the “Search Inquiry Units” page.

Step 2

You are now at the point where you can search and/or browse Inquiry Units.

A. Once you have found an Inquiry Unit that you would like to create a Spin-off of (see tutorial #5), click on the "Spin-off this Unit” button located in the top right hand corner under the picture of the cycle of Inquiry.

B. You will get the same form as "Add a Unit." Simply fill in the fields as you would as if you were creating a new unit of your own (see tutorial #6).

C. Click on the "Submit" button located at either the top or the bottom of the form, and your unit will be posted immediately.