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The “Add a Unit” feature allows you to utilize the Inquiry Unit format to suit your own needs, while sharing helpful information with the rest of the collaborative community.

For example, while Inquiry Units were originally designed to be a template for thinking about inquiry-based lesson plans, they have become a versatile tool used by many communities. Members have employed the Units to:


You're now ready to create your own unit.

You will be asked to fill out an Inquiry Unit form.

Do not be intimidated by those empty boxes ("field headings"). The field headings act as guides to assist you in organizing an inquiry-based unit. Each of these fields naturally corresponds to a stage in the inquiry process (ask, investigate, create, discuss, and reflect).

Please note that at any time on this page, you can click on the "Help" button at the top right. Here you will find a tutorial, a printable copy of the tutorial, and a growing list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their answers.


In this stage of the Inquiry cycle, we begin with a guiding question or thought for your particular line of inquiry.


At this stage of inquiry, you will be building a list of resources you find useful as you follow your guiding question:

  • Articles
  • Books
  • Video
  • Multimedia
  • Websites
  • Audio
  • Other Resources


    In this space, list activities learners might engage in while they conduct this inquiry. Here is where you will be building on the information you've gathered and begin to create new knowledge.


    An integral part of the inquiry process is communication and community. At any point you may find opportunities (i.e.: listserves, in-class presentations, meetings with coworkers/students/peers, webboards, etc.) that serve the "discuss" aspect of your inquiry unit.


    To reflect means to assess where you are in terms of your guiding question. Reflection on your research path, on certain activities you did, or even the question itself is in order.


    Files can be uploaded to the Inquiry server. They can be images, text, audio, or video. 

    You can also create a hyperlink to the uploaded file within the Unit. When you submit an Inquiry Unit, the Inquiry Page automatically creates a hyperlink to each of your uploaded files at the bottom of the Unit. Thus, if you move the mouse over the uploaded file's name, you should be able to see the URL for the uploaded file at the bottom of web browser. If you have difficulty locating the URL, here is a way to find the URL for your uploaded file.


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