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We teach from the corner to the classroom.
[Crystal Bell, principal of Ella Flagg Young School]

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High-Schoolers and Chickscope

a student looking at the chick images candling the egg students holding a chick

The  Chickscope program is one that can be adapted to a variety of age groups. Students in this classroom have moved far beyond the basic introduction to the scientific method that the Yankee Ridge students were introduced to. Using NIH Imaging, the students explored MRI technology to learn about chick embryo development. Using technology like Chickscope empowers students to interact with their subject material in a meaningful way. "This makes cell division more real than anything else I have done with them. Chickscope re-emphasizes this concept," says Susan Herricks who created a Chickscope Inquiry Unit to use with her high school students. The students are able to view developing embryos and then choose and manipulate images that give them original data to work with in their labs. The topics of focus include cell division, DNA and genetics, and cell specilization.

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