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Learn about pines from the pine, and about bamboo from the bamboo.

This is an archived copy. The interactive form of the Inquiry Page is no longer on line. Static documentary content has been preserved here for reference purposes, however the dynamic aspects of the Inquiry Page are no longer available.

Welcome! The Inquiry Page is more than a website. It's a dynamic virtual community where inquiry-based education can be discussed, resources and experiences shared, and innovative approaches explored in a collaborative environment.

Here you can search a growing database of inquiry units, and you can also build your own inquiry units. You can see pictures of inquiry-based activities and learn more about some of our partners who use inquiry methods. Learn how to assess and evaluate inquiry-based education or look for more inquiry resources to support what you're doing. Or you can simply find out more about what inquiry and The Inquiry Page are all about.

Ask: Authentic learning begins with questions. Investigate: Turning questions into answers Create: Where information becomes knowledge Discuss: Sharing the knowledge in the community Reflect: Summative analysis that leads to new questions Inquiry Cycle

Based on John Dewey's philosophy that education begins with the curiosity of the learner, we use a spiral path of inquiry: asking questions, investigating solutions, creating new knowledge as we gather information, discussing our discoveries and experiences, and reflecting on our new-found knowledge.

Each step in this process naturally leads to the next: inspiring new questions, investigations, and opportunities for authentic "teachable moments."

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