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02/22/2007 EUI Film Series 
03/01/2007 EUI Film Series 
03/29/2007 EUI Film Series 
04/15/2007 EUI Student Research Conference 
04/26/2007 EUI Film Series 
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David McDonald 
Theory and Methods of Ethnographic Research


Anthropology 399                                                                         Dr. David A. McDonald
Theory and Methods of Ethnographic Research             
Spring 2007, Davenport 209A                                                   Tuesday and Thursday 3-4:20 

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 AAA Code of Ethics  
 EOTU Live Project 
This is the homepage for the EOTU Live project.  The first web-based EUI project.  This site offers a wealth of student perspectives on campus, and has links to student research. 
 EUI Current Homepage 
This is the current EUI homepage.  Here you will find important information on using Ilabs, consent forms, student support, important links, and a small archive of previous student research. 
 EUI Original Homepage 
This is the original site for the EUI program.  This site offers a great introduction to the program, and explains why and how it came about. 
 Ethnography and Institutional Review Boards 
 IRB Human Subjects Packet 
 IRB Human Subjects Policy Statement 
 National Fraternity and Soroity Archive 
 Visualizing the Difference 
This is EUI's second major web-based project.  It offers an incredible amount of student research, photographs, perspectives, and opinions on the university and issues of diversity and difference on campus.