Youth Community Informatics

  • The projects related to this website are complete and thus the dynamic aspects of this site have been discontinued. This site is an archive. We will continue to write up our findings from these projects. Please contact with any questions.


    Youth Community Informatics is a Library and Information Science and Institute of Museum and Library Services initiative at the University of Illinois. We are a collective of graduate students, professors, and youth leaders that seeks to actively engage youth to take on the issues that affect them the most. Across Illinois, YCI is partnering with schools, community organizations, and local leaders in an effort to produce solutions to the issues they face through the use of technology-rich activities.

    Working within under-served communities located in Chicago, Central, and Southeast Illinois, YCI supports activities in which local youth learn to use the technologies at hand to help benefit and sustain their communities. We are a movement of sorts, tasked with creating the knowledge professionals of the future. Empowerment is our goal. We believe that universities can and must take an active role in assisting youth in disenfranchised communities, encouraging them to take hold of the information technologies that pervade our world and make them their own.

    Champaign-Urbana Teen Resources created by The Engaging and Empowering Youth Project [Click here to see more information]

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    This Google Maps snapshot reflects project locations at the time of website archiving.

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